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3 Important Things to Consider Before You Hire a Water Restoration Company

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Being a homeowner can be stressful. Even if you successfully make your mortgage payments and keep your home clean, unforeseen events such as fires, tornadoes, and floods can erase years of your hard work. In particular, flooding can cause long-lasting damage and lead to future problems like mold buildup and backed-up sewers. 

Whether the flooding is caused by excess rain during a natural disaster, a ruptured dam or levee, or something as simple as a busted pipe, it’s crucial to take immediate steps following these events. 

One step often involves consulting the help of a water restoration company, such as 24/7 Flood Response. However, to make sure you’re choosing the right service provider, here are three important things to consider before working with such a company.

Flood Damage and Hiring a Water Restoration Company

Unfortunately, disasters will inevitably happen. The cost of flooding damages in the U.S. was $17 billion annually between 2010 and 2018, and it is expected to increase by 61% in the next 30 years, 

To avoid this expensive, lasting damage, it is crucial to remain prepared for any potential flooding in your area. For example, although the last widespread flooding incident occurred in 2013, it’s not uncommon to still see water damage today across the entire Front Range of Colorado. However, even a small flood caused by rain build-up can be destructive. 

This is why it’s crucial to hire a reputable water restoration company.

1. A Multi-Skilled Water Restoration Company 

Besides the destruction of homes, flooding can also cause problems such as sewer backup and mold. Mold often appears between 24 and 48 hours following a flood due to the high level of moisture. This can cause asthma and a host of other health problems for those exposed to it. Therefore, one factor to consider when choosing a water restoration company is whether they provide long-term services such as mold mitigation that extend beyond the initial post-flood clean-up process. 

2. Certified Experts at Water Restoration

Another factor to consider is whether all of the technicians on the team are certified with IICRC, fully licensed, and insured. IIRC, which stands for “The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification,” is an international non-profit organization that oversees the worldwide restoration industry. If the team you choose to work with is IIRC certified, this means you’re in good hands.

3. Using 24/7 Flood Response for Flood Damage

Some moments in life can’t be planned, disasters are included in these moments. As such, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a water restoration company that provides around-the-clock and year-round restoration and construction services. 

While there are several companies to choose from in Metro Denver, CO, and surrounding areas, 24/7 Flood Response is both top-tier and proudly family-owned and operated. Since 2003, their team of licensed water damage experts has been providing services such as water and flood damage repairs, sewage backup cleanups, water restoration, and mold remediation. Not only are their services reliable, but they are also always on-call and ready to serve their community 24/7/365. 


Contact 24/7 Flood Response

Among the many factors you must consider when hiring a water restoration company, you must choose a team you can trust. The team at 24/7 Flood Response offers services that not only clean up the mess following floods but also preserve and protect your home and all of its contents to prevent further damage.

Contact 24/7 Flood Response to learn more about their services and rates.

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