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Mold in a home can be a horror story, but some people have no idea they have mold. Denver’s best water damage and mold remediation experts have seen it all. At the risk of making your toes curl and your skin crawl, the following stories illustrate just how tricky and hazardous it can be. Read on, because forewarned is forearmed.

Mold in The Killer New Home

Suzanne and her husband, Alan, had a rental home for four years after their own home had a fire. Alan started to feel ill all the time. His sinuses hurt; his eyes reddened and became watery; sneezing and coughing followed. He even developed facial tics and spasms. They were very worried he had a major disease. After four years(!) of misery, they noticed something: black mold in the home. It had been there the whole time, in the walls and going through the air ducts. Needless to say proper mold remediation followed. Suzanne and Alan are much healthier now.

The Failed Job

Sandy lived for 11 years with mold – without knowing it. A home remodeling job turned from an amazing new start into a nightmare. Pulling out the dishwasher revealed water damage and mold. But the insurance company said nothing about where else mold might be and the contractor had no experience. Sandy and her family were feeling very sick. The entire kitchen had to be replaced, but things got worse. It was in the walls, in the flooring, in the insulation, you name it. Opening it all up revealed how bad it was and how much it had affected living in every part of the home. The job had been done all wrong and Sandy and her family suffered with respiratory problems, coughing, bronchitis-like symptoms, stomach problems, vomiting, sweating, and much more.

Undisclosed Nightmare on Main Street

Deborah and her family bought their dream home and ended up using a tent in the back yard. Their home was making them sick but they didn’t know why. A smell like sewage and gas persisted, even after inspections and calling a plumber. By chance, a conversation with the previous owner revealed a problem that had occurred 20 years earlier and cracked a pipe. Several “Mickey Mouse” attempts had been made to fix it (unsuccessfully), nothing had been mentioned during the sale, and even an inspection missed it. Toxic black mold had crept into every part of the house – under the tub, under carpets, in the floors, and more. The family eventually threw out most of their belongings and started renting while a never-ending project got underway to clear and rebuild their home.

Ghosts, UFOs and Mental Health

People who are not superstitious and who don’t believe in the supernatural, or even aliens, have had their minds severely challenged by mold. Researchers are looking at the effects of mold in the home on mood, brain function, energy levels, anxiety and depression. It may be that so-called haunted houses have no poltergeists, just a lot of mold. If you think you’re seeing things and not operating at your best each day, get your place inspected for mold.

No horror stories for you! Get a real inspection and get proper mold removal done right!

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