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Eight Myths About Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage restoration myths mostly come from homeowners upset over companies that have not done their job properly or from people simply confused over restoration in general.

Whenever water damage occurs, proper restoration measures must be followed to make a home safe and comfortable again.

It is VITAL that you contact a water damage and mold restoration company that will ALWAYS do the right things for your Denver home.

And don’t believe these eight myths about water damage restoration.

MYTH: They’re Ripping Us Off – It’ll Clear Up On Its Own

Wrong. Water damage will NOT just go away and everything will not dry out magically. Damage from water and embedded moisture hangs around. It can hide in walls and under floorboards. Doing nothing is exactly what allows rot, mold and mildew to thrive. When these things happen, they are hazardous to everyone’s health and will cost much more.

MYTH: My Insurance Won’t Pay for Restoration

Every situation, when it comes to insurance, is unique. In most cases your homeowner’s insurance should cover this expense, or at least go a long way of covering it. Don’t put off calling the experts. Problems worsen if water damage is left untended. Best of all, good water damage restoration specialists work directly with your insurance company to provide accurate quotes on repairs and do the work.

MYTH: Your Hardwood is Finished

One of the most abiding water damage restoration myths is that hardwood floors, and other hardwood (stairs, paneling, wainscoting, built-ins, etc.), are always completely ruined. Well, maybe not. Quality solid hardwood can often be saved, depending on how long the water has been allowed to soak in. Professional restorers can dry out hardwood provided they can get to it quickly.

MYTH: I Have Plenty of Time

Uh… No way! Your time frame is very limited. Water damage is a slow torture, especially when things are not truly dry. Mold can grow very quickly. Materials and possessions can reveal damage weeks later, instead of immediately. Take care of it NOW.

MYTH: My Carpet Will Be Fine

Well, there are two possibilities. If the water is clean, carpets may be salvageable… IF you act fast and hire reputable professionals. However, if it’s left wet for a while or it’s not clean water, like sewage, the carpet has to go.

MYTH: If I Can’t See It, It’s Not There

Water is the silent, invisible killer of walls, floors, ceilings and property. Eyes are not good enough for finding problems. That’s why professional water damage companies have moisture detecting equipment. Water and moisture can hide where you cannot see. You won’t know about it until mold forms and starts to smell.

MYTH: That Smell is Normal

Many people think the smell that sometimes follows water damage and soaking is just “part of the process”. As a result, they often ignore it but the smell never goes away. In fact, this musty smell is mold. Act quickly before it even becomes a big problem.

MYTH: Sewage Is Just Like Any Other Water

Water damage restoration myths couldn’t be more dangerous than this one. Sewage (or “black water”) is not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination and is not easy to clean. Most of what it touches has to be removed – permanently. Sewage carries millions of bacteria that can cause nasty illnesses.

When restoration is done right, these myths will go away along with the water damages and molds.

Always call the best to do the best job for your home.

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