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My Home Has Been Damaged by Bad Water Damage Repair… Now What?

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Water damage in your home is bad enough. It’s enormously stressful… your belongings get ruined… you and your family have to relocate or avoid the damaged area… bacteria and mold can breed… floors, walls and ceilings can be weakened… there’s insurance to deal with… and so on. What can add insult to injury is when the repair job, which is meant to set things right, is botched and leaves you worse off than you were, before it happened. It happens. We’ve been called in many times to face what had been screwed up by inexperienced, foolish and/or unscrupulous water damage repair people.

What do you do? First, talk to a professional, qualified company like 24/7 Flood Response. We have been able to help people like you across the entire Front Range with their water damage restoration. Call us now and you’ll be taken through a few important steps immediately.

Bad Electrical

If a bad restoration job has made things worse, chances are they missed where the electrical system in your home may have been compromised. Safety is priority number one. Just like when the water damage first occurred, take no chances and unplug appliances or turn off the circuit breakers in the affected area. Unless you are a certified electrician, never attempt to do any electrical repair yourself. An electrical fire or injured person, in addition to water damage, is a price too high to pay. Get real water damage professionals on the line.

What, Water Leaking Again?

This scenario is very common. It’s late at night and you hear something. You investigate and discover a fixed pipe or drain has become problematic all over again. “This was supposed to be fixed! GRR!” Was the original repair team insured? If their work has failed, chances are they weren’t.

Call water damage restoration experts who are insured. It’s not just to get the job done right now… they’ll also talk to your insurance company and be your ally.

Don’t delay. Otherwise more problems can arise and  mold can form.

Unlicensed Contractors and Trades

With home water damage, everyone wants the job done fast and as inexpensively as possible. It’s easy sometimes to think you can forego the experts (“They’ll cost too much!”) and hire a “cash only” handyman, a friend, or do it yourself. Well, no license means no recourse should the job be done improperly. If you’ve had this happen, you know exactly what I mean.

Get the people you should have got in the first place. Have it fixed once and for all.

Home Inspector Screwed Up

Maybe the home inspector missed stuff in the assessment walk through. If they missed something and the problem gets worse, try a lawyer, but not before you bring in real water damage experts to take over. Remember to call them first and then your insurance provider to see if something can be done.

What to Do

In the end, if the original job was substandard, you’re no doubt frustrated and angry. You’re also feeling very doubtful about trusting people again with the job. Here’s what to do.

  • Research companies.
  • Do not choose by price. Never hire by “cash”.
  • Choose the company with experience, licensing, insurance, accountability and a verifiable track record.
  • Choose the company that has an emergency service and also backs its reconstruction work.
  • Discuss your situation carefully and be sure the company representative understands and provides a paperwork trail.

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