Keep Your Legal Marijuana Grow-Op Mold Free

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Mold is a huge problem when growing marijuana. You need moisture to grow the plant, but that perpetual moisture is ideal for mold growth. And, simply, a mold problem in a cannabis facility requires professional mold clean up.

Keeping your legal Colorado grow-op mold-free is crucial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the safety and wellbeing of you and anyone working or living there. Then there’s the safety of your clients. They’ve been prescribed marijuana to help with many ailments and cannabis containing mold can be deadly to some. For others, it can cause severe illness. Furthermore, keep mold down to protect your crop and your building.

Use Your Eyes

To keep your Colorado grow-op mold free, think like you already have mold. In other words, be proactive.

Rely on your eyes above all else. You cannot trust your nose or physical symptoms to tell you that mold may be present. The smell of the cannabis plants masks mold easily. Meanwhile the scent and oils given off by the plants can have physical repercussions for some people.

Look around the areas where water is brought into your facility. Then look at areas below planter beds, around plastic and wood, and anywhere plants are too close to walls and ceilings. Look for patches of black, green, and white. That’s a good indication of mold. Also inspect the leaves of the plants for a white chalky substance. This can also be mold.


Whatever you do, have a facility that is large enough. Cramming plants against walls is guaranteed to produce mold. Ensure there is adequate space and clearance from walls and ceilings.

Cleaning is Key

Remember, everything mold needs to grow and thrive is present in a grow-op, so you need to clean your facility often. We recommend having your legal grow-op professionally inspected for mold and cleaned once every three months at the minimum.

When cleaning, start with wood surfaces and wipe them down with mold killing solutions. Bleach and water works wonders. Do the same in and around air ducts and fans.

If you haven’t done it already, sealant is a good addition to rooms. That includes installing moisture barriers.

Clean Air is a Must

In your Colorado grow-op, perfect conditions exist for mold, spores, fungus and mildew. That goes double during winter when everything is closed up (or pipes can freeze or burst). To prevent these issues, you need clean air inside.

First, ensure humidity is at the correct level for your growing needs. Any sudden changes can cause an outbreak of mold.

Fans and exhaust vents must be working flawlessly, so clean them regularly and perform all maintenance on them in a timely manner.

Installing mold filters in fans and vents is an absolute must. Also, use air purifiers.

Plastic is King

Sometimes you can do everything in your power to prevent mold and clean your grow-op, but the nature of the growing cycle just keeps it coming back. To aid in prevention, use plastic where you can.

  • When you harvest your plants, store them in plastic storage bins that seal tight and tape the lids on with duct tape.
  • Wrap thick Mylar bags around vent openings to cover where pipes enter and exit your facility. Use duct tape again because it adheres well and forms a tight seal.
  • It’s also a good idea to wrap the actual pipes.
  • Remove anything wood or cardboard and replace it all with plastic.

Doing these things will help to minimize mold.

Nevertheless, should mold strike for your grow operation in the Greater Denver area of Colorado, you need a professional clean up service to do the job right.

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