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Marijuana and Rental Properties – Cleaning Up Your Units

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As a landlord in Colorado, you may find yourself facing old problems from new sources as your tenants repurpose bedrooms, attics and basements to grow marijuana. Regardless of what your lease agreement stipulates, determined tenants are happy to perform a variety of tasks – from rewiring electric panels to installing hydroponics systems, without your permission. Unfortunately, the damage done to your electrical and plumbing systems is only the tip of the iceberg.

Mold Damage Caused by Indoor Marijuana Grow-ops

Like many plants, marijuana grows best in warm conditions with plenty of humidity. Warm, moist environments provide optimal sprouting and growing conditions for a variety of plants and fungi – including a broad assortment of molds. While commercial and large-scale nurseries are designed to deal with mold, your third bedroom does not have the specialized equipment, building materials, ventilation or trained employees necessary to retard and prevent mold growth.

Once a colony has become established, you can expect to see rapid mold growth both inside and outside the makeshift nursery. Mold can easily spread throughout the interior of the unit if it is not addressed before maturation. Left unchecked, mold bred in nursery-like conditions can easily enter into the HVAC system and spread throughout the house in a matter of weeks.

Remediation vs Mitigation

Mitigation, or the removal of all visible mold from an area, is a great way to handle small mold colonies located on the surface of your walls, floors, and fixtures as part of a regular cleaning schedule. However, aggressive colonies that have potentially spread into HVAC systems, porous building materials or wall cavities cannot be removed by mitigation alone.

To remove all instances of mold growth inside a home and stop the spread of spores leading to future growth, you must perform remediation. Mold remediation involves removing and replacing all contaminated materials, flushing your HVAC systems, disinfecting and cleaning contaminated surfaces and extensive air and surface testing to ensure that all instances of mold and mold spores have been removed from the home.

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