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Hire Only Experienced Professionals When You Need a Marijuana Grow Clean Up

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Colorado passed Amendment 64 to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012.  The law took effect in early 2014 and allows each resident age 21 or older to grow up to six marijuana plants in his home for personal use (in Denver, each home can only grow 12 plants, even if more than two people live in the property). Since 2014, the number of marijuana growing operations in personal homes has skyrocketed. Some of these operations follow the law; others do not. In either case, pot growing operations have led to some unforeseen problems.

One of these is the increase in mold in Denver area homes.  This includes residences in which homeowners are growing the marijuana. It also includes rental properties in which tenants are growing pot without the landlord’s knowledge or permission.

Marijuana thrives in warm, humid incubator conditions, and so do mold spores. To prevent mold growth, pot growers should grow their product in an area with walls that do not easily absorb moisture.  Plastic walls or painted concrete walls are recommended.  Yet many growers do not follow these recommendations.  

As a result, dangerous, even life threatening mold is showing up in many Denver area homes, creating noxious odors and causing severe respiratory issues. Getting rid of the mold after a tenant has vacated a property or a homeowner realizes that his pot growing operation has spread mold through his home is not an easy task.  

Since mold counts can be 10 to 1,000 times higher than normal during a mold cleaning project, no homeowner or landlord should try to clean up a marijuana growing operation on his own. A marijuana clean-up requires hiring professionals with the experience, knowledge and equipment to make the house habitable again. Only experienced marijuana grow clean up experts should be hired to handle this problem!  

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