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When a Plumber Won’t Do, Call a Water Damage Repair Professional

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When you find unexpected water or leaking in your home, a natural gut reaction is to want to call a plumber. But stop and take a breath. Assess the problem and figure out what’s happened. It’s quite possible you need more help than a plumber can provide. Shouldn’t you think about a water damage restoration service?

You may find that in weighing water damage professionals vs a plumber, the water damage pros win nearly every time. Each is suited to specific tasks. Here’s how you tell which service you need.

What’s a Plumber For?

A plumber may fix the sources of water problems and install new fixtures, but does not do the cleanup from water damage. The plumber will do the jobs that are common and standard for water connections and drainage:

  • toilet backups and clogs that you can’t resolve
  • faucet repairs
  • cracked/leaking pipes
  • sewer line problems
  • gas line problems (many plumbers deal with heating, also)

In some cases, you may need both: the plumber to stop the water and repair water functions and the water damage service to clean, dry and restore everything that’s wet.

Mold No More

Mold can begin forming in as little as 48 hours. For preventing or removing mold, there is a clear winner in the water damage professionals vs plumber debate. This sort of prevention and remediation is not a plumber’s area, so do not rely on him to do the water removal. Nor should you count on him to move damaged furniture or lift carpets. Even if your plumber is a personal friend and might provide some extra clean up help, you still need water damage checked thoroughly by certified experts. Mold and rot can be sneaky problems that reveal themselves later in nasty ways. If anything, your plumber should recommend a cleanup and restoration service to you.

Construction and Reconstruction

There is no competition here. Plumbers deal with pipes, drains, toilets, faucets, showers, etc. Proper water damage repair professionals have to seek out every place water can get to. Sometimes that means getting behind a wall or under the flooring. Replacing drywall, windows, tiles, and refinishing hardwood may be a necessity. A truly professional restoration service will have a partnership with skilled contractors and trades to do any and all reconstruction work that brings your home back to A-1 condition.

Gray and Black Water

The water damage professional vs plumber matchup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning gray and black water problems. These are potentially dire. They not only can completely destroy property, they can be extremely hazardous to health. A serious black or gray water crisis may require a two-pronged attack. A plumber would handle water supply, pipes, drains and septic flow issues. Cleaning up the mess is for the certified water damage specialists. Gray and black water are dangerous because of what they contain. Gray water may consist of relatively harmless materials like soap, or may contain chemicals, dirt, oil, gas, paints, solvents, etc. Black water is sewage – bodily waste products – and is teeming with harmful bacteria. A professional water damage service is trained to handle that.

So, there you have it. A plumber handles the jobs where fixtures need repair or replacement. A professional water damage restoration service handles the cleanup, recovery and reconstruction.

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