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Realtor & Property Manager’s Guide: Picking the Right Water Damage Pro

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If you’re a realtor or property manager in the Greater Denver and Front Range area, you know only too well the market here and its challenges. That includes water damage during our brutal winter and the spring thaw. Frozen and burst pipes, rapid snow melt, flooded drains, seeping walls and roofs, damage to possessions, calls for restoration services… it’s a big responsibility and things can happen rapidly. What you need is water damage professionals on your side that you and your clients can always count on.

How do you choose a water damage restoration service for your Denver real estate or property management needs? How do you know that service will always do the right things you? Here’s how…

Full Access is Key

As realtors/property managers, you know that water damage can happen at any time and must be dealt with fast. When you’re looking for a water damage restoration service, you need its help now, not a day or two later. By then, mold is already forming.

A 24/7 company that truly delivers on that promise is the obvious choice. The same goes for a company that will answer the phone any time, not just blow you off to an answering service.

Prompt response and good equipment can fully dry out most water damage in 36 hours or less. Choose the restoration service that is always prompt.

Price Isn’t Everything

When you choose a water damage restoration service, you obviously want a fair price. Maybe you get multiple quotes before deciding, but that takes precious time. Saving money for you and your tenants is good, but having the job done right is more important. The adage of ‘You get what you pay for’ is very true. Services that charge an arm and a leg are just as bad as those offering cheap cash deals under the table. Weigh all your options carefully and think about the nightmare of the job being done poorly and thus shelling out more money, or the pain of being overcharged and the tension that causes with tenants. Emotions are already high enough with water damage scenarios.

Certification or No Business

Always use certified professionals. Don’t think you can save money by cutting a deal with a friend to do the job, or even a friend of a friend. That’s a recipe for disaster. As a realtor or property manager, you know better than anyone that things need to be done right.

Colorado regulates water damage restoration companies, so make sure the one you choose has all the proper licenses and certifications – up to date and verifiable. Certification should include the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Sub-certified means that, under the IICRC, a professional can be specialized in things like remediation and drying.

With Colorado’s laws on cannabis and explosion of grow operations, you also need a company that can handle marijuana clean up in a place used for growing.

Restoration vs Reconstruction

When it comes to water damage services, restoration and reconstruction are not the same thing. Many companies only have certification to carry out restoration jobs. When a water damage repair job requires complete reconstruction, you need to confirm with the water damage company that they have the right certification to carry out the job you require.

At 24/7 Flood Response, we are certified to resolve your water damage issue, restore and reconstruct your home or business to to pre-loss condition.

Experience Counts

Your tenants and clients are depending on you to choose a water damage restoration service with the experience to do the job properly and efficiently. Always check the reviews of any company you are considering. Get references from past clients. If they’re unwilling to provide you with multiple references, move on.

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