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Remodeling and Asbestos Abatement

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Chances are you have at least some amount of asbestos lurking in your home regardless of when your property was built. Living with asbestos is not a death sentence but removing or disturbing it can lead to serious health complications if it is not done correctly. Testing is necessary, regardless of the year. Drywall, tile, popcorn ceiling, or even pipes could be an affected area.


Any disturbance to asbestos-containing products can release asbestos fibers into the air. These fibers, when inhaled, can lead to serious health complications if not done properly. This is why professional abatement services exist, to keep you and your family safe.

A professional abatement team will contain, remove and dispose of building materials and other sources of asbestos in your home according to state and federal regulations. For the safety of your family and the contractors handling your remodel, these workers will remove all affected materials from the area before work begins.

Infected Materials

Asbestos was, and is to this day, an extremely popular product due to its fire-retardant and insulating nature regardless of the year it was built. It was used in a variety of building materials and fixtures, including:

– Pipe insulation

– Glues and binders

– Countertops

– Roof tiles

– Siding

– Pipes

– Flooring


Many homes may have at least some amount of asbestos in them, and the only way to know for sure is to contact 24/7 Flood Response immediately to have a free estimate and consultation to be guided properly on your next steps.

Health Complications

Breathing in asbestos fibers is a known cause of a variety of very serious illnesses. This includes:

– Mesothelioma

– Lung and larynx cancers

– Liver cancer

– Ovary and testicular cancer

– Asbestosis

– Abnormalities within the respiratory tract

There are different levels and types of asbestos abatement that may be done in your home, from total removal to limited scope renovation work. The 24/7 Flood Response team is trained to provide professional abatement services and can help you contain, remove and dispose of asbestos in your home.


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