How the Denver Freeze Affects Your Home and Business

Frozen and Burst Pipes

burst pipes denverEvery year, Denver’s big freeze and sudden temperature swings cause pipes to burst in homes and businesses. Sudden cold snaps make pipe water expand and… POP. A burst pipe is a stressful and expensive pain – doubly so during winter. Your home or business can become a flooded, even frozen, mess.

Accessing the affected areas and cleaning the premises out are jobs only for the professionals.

If a burst pipe hits your Denver home or business, immediately call the experts who promise you quick response 24/7.

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The freeze is not the only problem. The water and ice must be removed 100% or else mold will bloom and make everyone sick.

What Causes a Pipe to Freeze and Burst?

frozen pipes denverThe big mistake anyone can make during winter in Denver is closing pipes off and not emptying them. Like with your freezer’s ice cube tray, freezing temperatures make water contract first and then expand at the last stage of freezing. Water pipes will develop micro fissures, even full on cracks. As soon as that water starts to thaw, it goes everywhere.

We understand that anyone can forget to prep their pipes for winter. If a frozen and burst pipe strikes your Denver home or business, call us immediately! We will respond immediately.

Call 24/7 Flood Response – We’re here for YOU! – 24/7/365

Damage caused by burst pipes can be very significant. Don’t rely on your insurance company for everything. Some insurers won’t cover all the costs.

Turn off your water at the mains.
Then call 24/7 Flood Response at (303) 239 1416.
We will advise you what to do next and how to deal with your insurance company.
Rely on our experience from more than a decade in serving Greater Denver’s water damage, flood response, restoration, and mold removal/remediation needs.
We answer promptly. We come to your aid quickly. All workers are IICRC certified, licensed and insured.

Prevent the Problem Next Time

There are a few things you can do to stop burst pipes from being an issue:

  1. Insulate your pipes.
  2. For any pipes that will be exposed to colder weather (outside, in the garage, etc), it is essential to run the water out of them before the freeze comes. Turn off the water to those pipes and leave the faucets open all winter.
  3. If you’re going away, close all faucet lines and open each faucet to let excess water drain out of the pipes.
  4. Run a small heater in your basement, attic, crawl space or anywhere inside the house where pipes are exposed. Just enough heat to prevent freezing is all you need.

For any questions…

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