Marijuana Clean Up

Marijuana Clean-Up

Marijuana Grow Ops, Cannabis Dispensaries, and Landlord Assistance

At 24/7 Flood Response, we pride ourselves on being Denver’s best in home mold remediation. That includes helping landlords who have discovered their places have been used as marijuana plantations. We are fully prepared to handle all of your needs.

With Colorado’s laws allowing people over 21 certain amounts of marijuana that they can purchase and/or carry on them, there has been a new wave of operations for cultivating cannabis. And that means mold. People dealing with marijuana (in dispensaries, cultivation labs, and houses used illegally for growing operations) will also deal with mold on a grand scale. Growing marijuana creates perfect humid conditions for mold to flourish.

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Marijuana Mold Removal

A moldy house is unsafe. If your Denver area place has a case of Marijuana Mold, you need professional mold remediation to ensure it is made safe and habitable again. Mold gets into everything: carpets, floors, walls, ceilings, insulation, air ducts, you name it.

Where marijuana is grown in large quantities, there must be a great deal of humidity. That humidity can have devastating consequences for homes. Many are completely unusable after marijuana operations because of toxic mold that is harmful to humans and pets alike and has the ability to destroy everything. Mold particles and spores can be absorbed through skin, airways, ingestion, even the stomach lining.

Add to that, cultivation often involves chemicals and other unpleasant materials. You definitely need professional help.

What 24/7 Flood Response Does for Marijuana Mold

  • No obligation consultation
  • Mold test
  • Custom needs-based cleaning plan
  • Thorough and discreet mold removal, demolition, and clean up
  • Surface disinfecting
  • Full facility cleaning
  • Anti-microbial protection and other preventative measures
  • Complete reconstruction and restoration of mold damaged areas
  • Regular 6-month checkups

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Landlords and Building Owners

For all the legal and above-board cannabis operations, there are more that aren’t. Too many home and business owners get taken advantage of by these illegal operations. Growers often don’t take care for the spaces they occupy, so mold develops everywhere.

We at 24/7 Flood Response are used to it and will remediate your mold problem on all surfaces, ducts, between walls, and much more. We will deodorize the space, apply a special anti-microbial guard to block growth of mold, and schedule regular checkups.

We’re Available 24/7 – Like Our Name Says

There may be other mold remediation service companies in Denver and across the Front Range area, but we are a family owned company that takes pride in serving our community and providing great service!

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