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Steps to Take When You Have a Burst Pipe

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A burst pipe can be caused by many factors. That goes double in the Denver area where wild temperature swings place huge pressure on pipes and the ground around them. When a burst pipe happens, the results can be devastating – major flooding in your home, severe property damage, loss of personal items, damage to walls and floors, compromised foundations and structural integrity, and of course mold.

When this problem strikes, the shock and trauma can make it difficult to think what to do next. So, we present a step-by-step guide of what to with a burst a water pipe situation. Follow these steps and you can minimize damage caused and get things taken care of quickly.

Call Water Damage Professionals – Quick Damage = Less Damage

You need professional help – fast. The faster you bring in the water damage experts, the less damage you will have. 24/7 Flood Response answers live, everytime! We respond fast and we can help with the following:

  • Advise you about the next steps to take.
  • Refer you to outstanding plumbers.
  • Seek out all the possible places water has traveled.
  • Advise you about how to talk to your insurance company. (Expert advice can make the difference between a claim being honored smoothly and it becoming a hassle.)

Be Aware and Search Methodically

There is no big flashing sign to tell you a pipe has burst. (Although gushing water probably counts as one.) In some cases, all you may see at first is a trickle. Be vigilant and follow where it may be coming from. Test your faucets – if water pressure seems low, you need to go searching. Look for water patches on the ceiling and/or walls, wet spots on the floor, even a soaked lawn.

Water Mains

If you find the burst pipe, see if you can turn off a valve or tap near it. If you cannot locate the source of the problem, you would be well advised to turn off your home’s water at the mains.


Watch where the water is going. If you think it is about to get inside any electrical outlets, you should turn off the electricity to your home. If you are comfortable doing that, go ahead. Otherwise, call a water damage remediation company with an emergency service and friendly, trained people will turn it off for you.

Move Only Important Things

And we mean important things that are actually under threat. Leave things in rooms that are unaffected by water. Time is of the essence. Don’t try to empty entire rooms yet, otherwise you’ll waste that time. Your insurance should be able to handle replacing certain damaged items, but personal items like photographs in water affected areas can never be replaced.


Mold is an important issue whenever a pipe bursts. Preventing mold means acting fast. The professionals will start drying out your home immediately. They will assess when and if power can be turned back on for drying fans to operate.

There are the first steps to take when you have a burst water pipe. The clean up, drying and restoration process will take time. Your sanity and your money will be saved if you follow the steps above and have the very best professional water damage repair company handle your emergency.

Always remember:

Quick Action = Less Damage

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