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What to do When Water Damage Affects Your Business

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Water will always find a way – and that way is always downward with gravity to the point of least resistance. If your business happens to be in the way, what a pain. In addition to destroying property and leaving your business unable to operate, water damage can also create nasty health issues by creating mold.

Water damage to a business can come from anywhere: flooding, roof leaks, seepage, snow melt, burst pipes, blocked and overflowing toilets, leaks, water heaters, sewage backup, you name it.

Here’s what you should do when water damage affects your business in the Greater Denver area.

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Restoration Service

Call the water damage experts immediately.

Tell them what’s happened and listen to the advice you get. If you have water damage and flood insurance, great, but we’ll come to that shortly.

Right now you have an obligation to your business to stem the bleeding, so to speak. Getting a restoration service at this stage is crucial to getting your doors open again quickly. A company with an emergency service will come out at a moment’s notice. The right professionals will assess the damage and get to work immediately.

The service could include; removing damaged carpet and other flooring (but only if necessary), drywall, wood, furniture, etc, then drying everything out. We also specialize in mold remediation, and restoration services.

At 24/7 Flood Response, we handle everything that needs to be done to get your business back to it’s pre-damaged state.

Speak to your professional water damage restoration company first. They will advise you on what steps to take when dealing with your insurance company and claim.

Take Photos

At 24/7 Flood Response we take pictures before during and after the job, so you won’t have to worry about capturing images of your damage. However you can still capture your own images – still and video – of everything affected by water damage if you like. We do recommend that you do so while everything is still in place. Do not discard anything yet. Be sure those images have a time and date stamp on them.

Make lists. Note down any damaged items, from computers to carpet.

Clean Out

We advise that you if you want to move your high value items, you can do so immediately. At 24/7 Flood Response, we are experienced in handling valuable and everyday items.

Call the Insurance Company When Advised to Do So

Call your insurance company after speaking extensively with your local water damage restoration company. They’ll advise you what to say and what to expect. The insurer will want proof of everything and copies of paperwork. At some point an adjuster will arrive. Be sure to book the pros to be there at the same time.y

Excess Water Removal

For what may seem like smaller problems, you could be tempted to buy a wet/dry vacuum to removing excess water.

We strongly advise against this!


Because what could seem like a small problem, may be the evidence of a larger problem at head. The best solution is to call your local water damage and flood restoration company to assess the situation.

At 24/7 Flood Response we have commercial grade machinery and professional steps that we take to find the problem and fix it!

If you have water damage and / or a flood at your business premises located in and around Denver, Boulder or the entire Front Range…Don’t delay!!

Call the right water damage and flood restoration company right now!

Every moment you delay, will cost your business greatly NOW or in the future!

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