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What is water damage?

Water damage is a broad term that describes losses and damage to materials and/or property, all caused by water intruding into an area. The damage can be very minor, such as the water damage leaving a spot on your carpet, or on any surface. Water damage can also be something very major and hard to recover from, such as water disasters like flooding. Either way, it can contribute a lot to property loss and damage to your home or business.


It’s always best to consult a reputable and experienced water restoration company that is fast-acting to reduce the impact of possible damage or loss.


Different Types of Water Damage

There are different categories of water damage and they all depend on the severity of the damage to your property. Category 1 refers to clean water, or water that is safe for humans. This can be caused by things like broken appliances and sink overflows.

Then there’s category 2, which can also be sometimes referred to as gray water. This sort of water has microorganisms, which means the water is contaminated. This type of water may cause some sickness when ingested by humans or any other living things. The cause of this may be broken toilets, seepage, broken sump pumps, and the like.

The third category is known as black water — this water is unsanitary, because it has bacteria and other organisms that cause sickness. The cause of this may include sewage problems, and contamination of standing water.

Aside from the different categories of water damage, there are also classes. These are important when it comes to assessing the repair options of the water damage.


Class 1 is the least harmful so it’s the easiest;

Class 2 makes repairing more difficult;

Class 3 has the fastest rate of evaporation; and

Class 4 requires special water restoration and water removal procedures that should be carried out by a qualified water damage restoration professional.


How can 24/7 Flood Response help?

Although you may try repairing the water damage in your own home, it is almost impossible and NOT advised.

It could be risky for your health to actually try and get rid of all the issues and the time it takes to acquire all of the skills you need to restore your home means you are putting your home in increased risk of damage!

24/7 Flood Response is tried and tested across cities in the entire Front Range, including Denver, Golden, and Boulder, Colorado.

Being a locally owned business means that we truly care about restoring your home to it’s pre-disaster condition and that means acting fast and doing a thorough job!

Our A+ BBB rating and 13+ years of experience means we hold ourselves and our services to you at a high standard.


We’re not called 24/7 Flood Response for nothing! We respond any time of day. We are here for you and your restoration needs!

Just call (303) 239-1416. You can contact us directly for an affordable and competitive price.

We aim to work for the customers and not for the insurance companies.

Call us directly at (303) 239-1416 before your insurance company for our expert advice. If you prefer to submit an inquiry online, you can fill out the form at our contact page. Contact us now and we’ll respond to you quickly!